What is Power over Ethernet? Is it useful to my enterprise?

Blue network cable - curved

PoE and Coaxial cables are meant for different purposes. Both can’t be interchangeably used. While Coaxial cable is used to transfer low-level frequencies or as transmission lines, on another side, PoE (Power over Ethernet) is used to transfer a broadband signal between computers and other related devices. PoE was first introduced in 1980 to replace the wired LAN technologies. However, there is one important aspect of PoE.

PoE was made to comprise the two functions of a cable. Along with the transmission of data, it can also supply electric power to the connected devices or equipment. Thus, it is one fit cable to satisfy the need of network connection as well as power connection in a single cable. PoE is mainly used for low powered devices like PC, Laptop, Mobile Phones, VoIP products, IP Cameras, Surveillance equipment, ATM Machines, Intercoms, Vending machines, a recent entrant to utilize PoE is lighting, and much more.

PoE has a great role to play at business or enterprise off-site locations and offices. Going for two separate lines- one for network and another for power is only going to mess up your circuit as well as costs. Moreover, such has more disadvantages. Now, instead of briefing disadvantages of two separate lines, let us see the benefits of PoE.

Advantages of PoE

poe advantage

  1. Flexibility: As PoE eliminates the need for two separate lines, devices that are compatible with PoE can be easily moved from one place to another. All you need is a good PoE cables and PoE switch like Milesight 4K H.265 PoE NVR 5000 [MS-N5016-UPT]. Moreover, there is no AC power constraint in the whole picture.
  2. Scalability: As PoE supply electric power (along with data transfer), installation, distribution and more importantly expansion of network connection at your enterprise location is easy, simple, fast, and requires marginal investment. Thus, as your business grows and demands upgraded the network with PoE, it’s easy at lower costs. This advantage is also applicable for creating a temporary network deployment like at trade shows, meetings, virtual classrooms, etc. PoE is as simple as Plug-N-Play.
  3. Safety – POE safeguards your network based equipment from electric overload as PoE works with low voltage requirement.
  4. Reliability: POE it lets Centralized Power Management arrive at your enterprise location. PoE eliminates the need of distributed UPS replacing it with centrally managed single UPS. Moreover, along with the above factor and as PoE works with standardized, universally accepted, and compatible Adapters, network equipment can be easily backed-up by the continuous power supply of your office. And let you disable or reset devices without any special skills. Further, PoE obliges to IEEE’s 802.3 standards.
  5. Savings of Time and Money: Money is saved by eliminating two circuits (electric and network) and for such, the hiring of skilled personnel for maintenance and repair is no more a scenario. With this, time savings, too.

PoE is one of the advanced cable technology. It has several benefits for your business or enterprise offsite as well as offices. Without any doubt, it is essential for growing businesses as it is flexible, scalable, reliable, and comes at a lower cost.




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