Is it a wise, correct decision to go for Grandstream GXP1760 Mid-Range HD IP phone for my MSME?


With every year, MSME is growing and with that comes the challenge to be advanced for how they plan, strategize and execute business. Taking into the consideration of such evolving  needs of modern MSME business, the options available for being advanced FOR doing a business have to be wisely, correctly chosen.

Business Communication is such a subset of any MSME that needs a special attention. As in 21st-century, digital communication is accessible to all. And, the need for fast, smooth, uninterrupted business communication is what every stakeholder of business want. Whether is employee, vendor or customer? So what is the best-advanced option for MSME business communication?

VoIP or IP Phones is the most promising and also trending business communication thing. But, how you choose the wisest, correct and appropriate one.

Consider these points while selecting the VoIP particularly Mid-Range HD IP Phones:

  1. Mid-Range HD IP phone that is fully equipped for standard office life.
  2. Mid-Range HD IP phone that has excellent voice quality, an awesome speakerphone, and a legion of multi-purpose keys.
  3. Mid-Range HDIP phone which works well for anyone looking for the firepower of a touch screen phone.
  4. Mid-Range HDIP phone which is wallet friendly to MSME.
  5. Mid-Range HDIP phone which handles high volume of calls and monitors multiple BLF statuses.
  6. Mid-Range HDIP phone which is built for users in a need of large host of programmable function keys.
  7. Mid-Range HDIP phone which has the best sound quality of handset as well as the speakerphone.
  8. The most important consideration is the ability of Mid-Range HD IP phone to merge a multitude of functions. Design matters a lot in such.

Grandstream GXP1760 Mid-Range HD IP phone is the best option available. It’s a most versatile and sturdy business phone. Grandstream GXP1760Mid-Range HD IP phone best features are that it is highly flexible and have lots of hard keys, configurable virtual keys with a nice display.

The Grandstream GXP1760 Mid-Range HD IP phone is known for a superior interface, advanced features, desired app store functionality. Grandstream GXP1760 Mid-Range HD IP phone is an industry leading IP phone. Grandstream Mid-Range HD IP phone has an Android interface that is the need of the hour. Many competitors in the design and manufacturing of the Mid-Range HDIP phone are struggling to achieve this need of the hour.  Grandstream GXP1760 Mid-Range HD IP phone is on the top of the chart. It is the advanced option you can choose correctly for your MSME.

Grandstream GXP1760 Mid-Range HD IP phone feature is:

  • 6 lines, 3 SIP accounts with 6 dual-color line keys and 4 XML
    programmable soft keys
  • 200 x 80-pixel back-lit LCD screen
  • 24 digitally programmable BLF/fast-dial keys on screen
  • 5-way audio conferencing, with HD audio via handset and full-duplex speakerphone
  • Integrated USB, PoE and EHS for Plantronics headsets
  • TLS and SRTP security encryption and an integrated Kensington Security Slot for added security protection

Know more about Grandstream GXP1760 Mid-Range HD IP phone at and take a wise, correct and wallet friendly decision.


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