Your business needs technologically advanced WAP for avoiding wireless Internet service performing like a traditional wired service


The Internet is the only technology that mankind has (exponentially) evolved to be used in numerous ways and can support almost all kinds of existing digital & media platforms. Today, the Internet is used at all human institutions and industrial spaces. Be it a Home, School, Government office, Business and much more. With this regard, it can be said that Internet had become one of the life-line of our digital civilisation. And, wireless Internet service utilising wireless access points (WAP), is gaining popularity due to its increased flexibility, scalability and utility- as it doesn’t need underground copper, fibre, or any another form of network cabling.

Wireless Access Points in comparison to the established wired network like DSL and cable Internet provides more convenience, flexibility and mobility to computer networks. Let us take you through briefly to the branded wireless access point- Grandstream GWN7610 Wireless Access Point.

Grandstream GWN7610 Wireless Access Point is a hardware device or a computer’s software acting as a communication hub. It connects users having wireless devices to a wired LAN. Or to say, it is used for extending the physical range of wired internet network service at your business office for wireless accessibility of internet to the user having a wireless device. Grandstream GWN7610 Wireless Access Point is popularly known for providing sharp and desired wireless security.

Grandstream GWN7610 Features and Functions:

  • 2 Gigabit ports
  • 8 BSSID per radio.
  • PoE/PoE + support
  • Multiple wireless zones
  • 3×3 MIMO antennas – With maximum throughput of 450Mbps
    for 2.4 GHz, and1300 Mbps for 5 GHz
  • Maximum number of clients per radio is 127 (with encryption)

Grandstream GWN7610 Wireless Access Point is a high-performance dual-band MIMO 802.11ac wireless access point for small to medium sized businesses, multiple floor offices, commercial locations and branch offices. With support for advanced QoS, low-latency real-time applications,250+ client devices per AP and dual Gigabit network ports with PoE/PoE+, the GWN7610 is the ideal wireless access point for large and small wireless network deployments.

If you are been using traditional or satellite approach to providing the internet to your business employees then give a thought to wireless internet service; traditional and satellite are low performing wireless technology and have high latency (delay) connections. And, the worst part is that they support the reserved quantity of network bandwidth.

However, without a strong, reliable and technologically advanced wireless access point, your business won’t reap the benefits of Wireless Internet Service. Click to discover the best- Grandstream GWN7610 Wireless Access Point.


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